Michelle Obama in Doo.Ri at State Dinner

14 Oct

Photo: Washington Post

Ok, as an editorial policy, we normally try and steer clear of stories that can be found on every other fashion/style blog,  but we will relax that rule for a moment because we HAVE to talk about how amazing Michelle Obama looked last night.  Hosting a state dinner for the South Korean president Lee Myung-bak and his wife, Michelle Obama wore an absolutely gorgeous one-shoulder gown by Korean-American designer Doo.Ri. We fell hopelessly in love with Doo. Ri Chung after seeing her profile in the fashion doc Seamless, in which she was shown making a reverse commute from NYC to New Jersey in order to produce her collections with the help of her family. Michelle Obama has pretty much mastered the one-shoulder look at this point, but we are more excited about the fact that she has continued to provide valuable exposure to designers and labels that are hovering just under-the-radar, at least as far as fashion civilians are concerned. The regal, deep shade of purple looks beyond beautiful against the First Lady’s skin and we won’t even get into how fabulous her arms continue to look. Wow. Just wow.


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