The Industry: Orla Kiely

26 Oct

Orla Kiely Birdwatch Raincoat, $480,

One of the masters of modern textile design (as far as we’re concerned), Irish-born, London-based designer Orla Kiely makes pieces for the modish girl who demands that everything around her be gorgeous. We love how Kiely melds the geometric leanings of mid-century modern design with a fluid, organic quality that can make the most mundane of objects absolutely poetic. Other people may rely on Prozac to lift themselves out of a funk, but we think that slipping on an Orla Kiely dress does the job without the side effects. Here, a few Kiely pieces that we adore.

Orla Kiely Silk Wool Organza Dress, $535,


Orla Kiely Garden Bird Fairisle Dress, $360,


Orla Kiely Punched Acorn Margot Bag, $645,


Orla Kiely Ditsy Clover Print Sunglasses, $235,


Orla Kiely Flower Blossom Lampshade, $125,


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