The Market: Assouline Vintage Crate Collection

28 Oct

We spend a lot of real estate at The Black Market talking about and crushing on books. And just like a girl can never have too many shoes or bags, we also believe that there is just no such thing as too many books. It’s Halloween season, which means that in a few more days, you can officially start drafting your holiday wish list, and we think that this will be at the top. We adore Assouline Publishing for their endless inventory of beautiful books about fashion, culture and art, and this collection might have topped anything they have ever done. Called the Assouline Vintage Crate Collection, a wooden box that is meant to resemble a wine crate houses 20 titles from Assouline’s Fashion Memoire collection. Books on Jean Paul Gautier, Balenciaga, The Kennedys and Marie-Antoinette are included. The collection is $500, so make sure to request this from someone that you have not been the least bit naughty to this year. We are kind of freaking out about this. For more info, visit


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