Beauty News: EvolutionMAN Creates Nail Polish for Men

31 Oct

EvolutionMAN, Nail Varnish Collection -

We are not sure if this trend will catch on with most men but its certainly got a core audience that is surely ready to make a major statement. Nail polish for men has mostly been limited to rockstars and radicals who like the idea of bucking the system and use makeup and beauty products to do so. With the launch of EvolutionMAN’s Nail Varnish this old school way of viewing nail polish and men is about to turned on its ear. The purpose of this new line of nail polishes is to elevate men from looking at manicures and pedicures as solely a woman’s activity. Men are beginning to realize the overall grooming is equally important for men just as it is for women and nails are a part of the grooming regimen. There are three colors within the collection and two topcoats:

  • Alter Ego – metallic purple 
  • Pavement – pale gray
  • Stand Out – gunmetal 
  • Pure Matte – topcoat
  • Pure Bling – topcoat

Do you think most men will rock nail polish made specifically for them or is this trend a little too outside the box?


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