Beauty Addictions: Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzing Powder

15 Nov

Too Faced, Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzing Powder, $29,

We know what you’re thinking! Bronzer? In the fall? Crazy, we know! But think about it this way. As soon as the summer sun faded, so did your naturally sun-kissed summer glow which means you need all the help you can get when it comes to livening up your skin and look. One great way to do just that without looking like your headed to the beach is by investing in a quality matte bronzer. Matte bronzers are devoid of shimmers or glimmers which means they just add a nice hint of warmth and vitality to your look without the razzle dazzle.

We highly recommend the Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzing Powder because of it’s smooth, even application and gorgeous color – not too ruddy and not too bronze. It works well on a variety of skin tones especially for us women of color. Apply it on the hallows of the cheeks, around the temples, down the bridge of the nose and on the jawbone for some definition and color.

*Quick little beauty tip, after you apply your favorite eye shadows, lightly sweep your crease with this beautiful bronzer for a nice dose of warm color.


2 Responses to “Beauty Addictions: Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzing Powder”

  1. c0sm3ticaddicti0n November 15, 2011 at 5:13 am #

    The Too Faced website has a contest where you can submit reviews to win beauty blogger of the month. You should check it out. 🙂 Just roll down to the bottom of the Too Faced website and click on ‘Beauty Bloggers’ then there is a form to submit your beauty blog for consideration. They pick three bloggers a month.

    • blackmarketmag November 17, 2011 at 12:53 am #

      Thanks for the info! We will definitely look into this exciting opportunity!

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