Thanksgiving Beauty Tips

23 Nov

These Simple Beauty Tips Are All You Will Need to Look Gorgeous on Thanskgiving Day!

 Thanksgiving Day and beauty are not necessarily synonymous but let’s face it, even if you’re doing dinner with your family, you still should put in some effort to look your best! Whether you’re heading to your sweetheart’s family house for Turkey Day or you’re keeping it simple and dining at home, pop the hood for some easy beauty tips that are perfect for Thanksgiving Day.

Tip #1: Lighten Up

Thanksgiving is a day of food and family so there’s no need to sport a face full of foundation like you’re a go-go dancer at a nightclub. You want to come across natural and sophisticated so put your favorite full coverage foundation away and opt for a lightweight mineral based alternative or a tinted moisturizer for that flawless but natural look.

Tip # 2: No Smoking

Smokey eyes are great for date night or that new club opening but not as appropriate for Thanksgiving dinner. Pare down your usual smokey eye and work one of the season’s hottest trends, metallics. Swipe lid with metallic shade of choice (bronze, gold, silver or copper), add a few coats of mascara to the lashes, line the upper lids with black gel liner and you’ve got a subtle yet pretty look that speaks volumes.

Tip # 3: Pucker Up

One area where you can add some fun and color is your lips. With pared down eye makeup and lightweight foundation, the lips are most definitely the focus. Look for a classic red lipstick that compliments your skin tone. If red lips don’t suit your taste, go for a gorgeous deep berry or plum shade.

Tip # 4: Shine On

Thanksgiving marks the official beginning of the holiday season which means you can add some sparkle and shimmer to your look with a glitter-based nail polish. From gold to silver to green, you can run wild with options for nails. This little bit of sparkle is a great way to add some excitement to your look without going too far!

Tip # 5: Sweeten the Deal

Fragrance is one of the most important aspects of a woman’s style. Pick a lightweight, feminine scent that won’t overwhelm but that leaves those in your path wondering what you’re wearing. Spritz your favorite fragrance behind your ears, on the pulse points on your wrists and behind your knees for maximum exposure.



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