Trend Report: Black Nails

30 Nov
Black Nails are the Perfect Way to Add Some Edge to Your Holiday Look

There was once a time in the world of fashion and beauty when wearing black nails signified one’s anti-establishment position and a sense of rebellion against all things commercial and safe. Fast forward to 2011 and wearing black nails means something all together different. Black nail polish exudes style, sophistication and a slight rock and roll edge even if you’re not a member of a band. We love the new black nail trend as it has evolved from it’s punk roots into a more chic, wearable version. The main difference between the old school black nail look and the current trend is finish. In the past, black nail polish was matte and messy and was not meant to look high class or pretty. Nowadays, the way to wear black nails is with heavy shine and luminosity. Here are a few of our fave black nail shades! 


Chanel, Nail Colour in Black Satin, $25,

OPI, Nail Lacquer in Black Onyx, $8,

Essie, Nail Polish in Licorice, $8,


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