Chicer than Chic: Dionne Warwick Album Covers

1 Dec

Recently, we wandered through one of those secondhand shops that stock everything from Dukes of Hazzard lunchboxes to sparkly fake diamond brooches that we love to stack onto a boyfriend blazer. Among the treasures was this Dionne Warwick album (above). Everything about the visual impact of this cover just broadcasts chic simplicity: understated graphics, a tastefully sexy dress showing just a sliver of skin and most importantly, the innate grace and sophistication of Miss Warwick herself.  We thought back to other vintage Warwick album covers that we’ve seen over the years and realized that there are many more where this one came from. Whomever the art director for these covers was was seriously on point when it came to fashion and style. Warwick does her version of haute couture posing on more than one of them and her dresses were just gorgeous and were impeccably fit to her body. Here, some of the covers that we love the most. We can only hope that Miss Warwick has some of these blown up and hanging in her home somewhere…


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