Beauty News: Preteens & Bikini Waxes? Oh My!

5 Dec
Pre-teens are getting bikini waxes in droves! WTF?

We believe that beauty is a personal experience that each individual woman must make for herself. We also believe that beauty is for women and not girls which is why this disturbing new trend surrounding pre-teens and bikini waxes has us bothered. Bikini waxes are not for little girls for several reasons. First off, there is no need for little girls to be wearing skimpy bikinis or high-cut one-piece swimsuits. Another reason is that little girls do not need to be worried about grooming their bikini lines for romantic purposes as they shouldn’t be engaging in intimate situations with little boys. Bikini waxing is also a potentially dangerous service if not done at a reputable salon or spa by a licensed aesthetician. There have been countless reports of women being severly burned, scarred and acquiring bacterial infections after getting bikini waxes done. We already know why this trend is happening – the media. There is so much pressure for young girls to look a certain way and it seems as though they have become exposed to way too much too soon! We hope that the mothers of these little girls put a stop to this along with salons and spas. It’s ridiculous to say this but maybe salons and spas will need to post a sign that reads must be 16 or older for service.

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