The Market: Matt & Nat

8 Dec

Blake Belt, $50,

Many of us have friends and loved ones who choose to buy only animal and earth- friendly products. If you are scouting gorgeous and innovative gift ideas for environmentally-minded people, we suggest you check out Matt & Nat. Far from the hideously crackly PVC bags that we normally think of when we consider vegan accessories, Matt & Nat produce luxe-looking, animal-friendly bags, belts and tech accessories that even leather lovers will take a second look at. All of the linings in the bags are made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. About 21 water bottles are recycled for each bag lining. Matt & Nat have collections for both men and women and we love the sleek, spare design aesthetic and the thoughtful production method is just icing on the cake. See the entire collection at


Loren Wallet, $90,


Iris Top-Handle Bag, $180,


Clyde Shoulder Bag, $155,


Bauhaus Overnight Bag, $285,

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