Beauty News: Strivectin Launches “Get Even” Skin Care Line

13 Dec
Strivectin Launches “Get Even” Skin Care Collection

Strivectin made a huge mark in the beauty industry for their innovative approach to reducing stretch marks. Women everywhere snapped up bottles of the miracle cream in order to banish those tricky stretch marks that result from weight gain/loss and pregnancy. Fast forward several years and the stretch mark miracle company has branched out into the world of discoloration. As the beauty industry continues to grow and evolve, skin discoloration has quickly risen to the top of the ranks as one of the top skin care issues for women across all segments. Every major cosmetic and skin care brand has developed a collection or product that evens out skin tone creating a flawless complexion. Well, Strivectin has recently thrown their hat into the ring with their latest creation – “Get Even”. This new skin care line focuses on the causes of discoloration and seeks to gradually fade age spots, sun spots, acne scars and other imperfections while leaving skin looking and feeling youthful and healthy. We are all for products that create beautiful complexions! 


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