Industry Flashback: Luella for Target Go International

17 Jan

Remember when designer-high street retailer collabs were still new and exciting? When Karl and Stella signed up for one-off collections for H&M? Ahh, the memories…  Well,  news of Jason Wu’s collection for Target and whispers of Celine (gasp!) doing a possible mass retail capsule line had us thinking wistfully about the Luella for Target collection released in 2006. Luella Bartley’s version of girly, cheeky punk penetrated her entire collection for Target, and although the clothes skewed a bit young (as do almost all of their designer collabs), it was still interesting to digest and the accessories were just plain fun. To be perfectly honest, we have luxe/mass retailer collab fatigue at this point and often find that while the pieces produced in these collections may look good on our laptops, upon closer inspection in the store, the cut-rate fabrics and construction leave much to be desired. These cute-as-a-button accessories from  Luella X Target remind us of the halcyon days before these mashups became just another spoke in the brand-building wheel of a designer’s career.

Luella for Target iPod Case, 2006


Luella for Target Tote, 2006


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