The Trench Book by Assouline

23 Jan

The Trench Book, Assouline 2007, $35,

Few pieces of clothing are more evocative than the classic trench coat. They may have had a humble military pedigree, but they have definitely come into their own as a must-have staple in both women and men’s closets. Just name a Film Noir movie, and you will find that both the male and female characters will be stylishly wrapped in a trench at some point, and, of course, we hardly need to mention the scene from Breakfast at Tiffany’s when Holly is looking for her cat in the rain… (who hasn’t cried at this moment?) Our favorite publishing house, Assouline, gathered all of these classic trench moments in a gorgeous book from 2007 called The Trench Book.  Written by Nick Foulkes, The Trench Book explores all aspects of the iconography of the trench coat, from the no-nonsense uniform of the detective to the more erotic iterations that were the seed of many a fantasy. We seriously love this book and have given it to many a chic friend as a gift. You can purchase it here.


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