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Trend Report: Rainbow Nails

11 Jan
Rainbow Bright Nails are a Big Trend in 2012

Nails have come a long way. From basic neutrals to over the top blinged out glitters, traditional rules for tips and toes no longer apply. In 2012, the rules are about to bend even further with the introduction of rainbow nails. Imagine a virtual rainbow of color on all ten of your fingers and you’ve got the trend down. This is certainly a very eclectic look that may or may not work with your typical aesthetic but it’s certainly a fun way to infuse color and youthfulness into any and every style. We are loving the campy, fun quality of it and look forward to rocking it this spring and summer. If the neon bright shades don’t make you smile, opt for pastels or even matte shades for a unique twist on the trend!


Beauty News: New York City’s ACE Hotel Debuts Nail Polish

9 Jan
Lobby of the ACE Hotel, NYC

Located in Midtown Manhattan, ACE Hotel is one of the hottest spots to stay, play and be seen in the city that never sleeps while still managing to look chic. ACE Hotel recently partnered with Uslu Airlines, an indie beauty brand, to create a signature nail polish. This slick, gunmetal grey shade was inspired by the modern hotel room interiors and it even comes with a cool striped nail file to help you achieve the perfect shape before applying the high profile polish. You don’t have to be a guest at the hotel to cop a bottle, you can purchase it online for your own piece of Big Apple beauty.

Beauty Addictions: StrangeBeauty Nail Collection

6 Jan
StrangeBeautiful, $85, http://www.treasureandbond.com

My inner goth chick is jumping for joy over Dickensen Volume, a new nail collection by StrangeBeautiful. Inspired by Charles Dickens and the Brothers Grimm, these deep, dark, dangerous polishes are not for the dainty or faint at heart. The ten shades range in finish from matte to metallic and remain within the black color family. The lightest shade is a steel grey that seems like the perfect complement with the feminine styles that are currently in fashion. I would love to rock these shades with a super chic wrap dress, boots and a gargantuam cocktail ring. These polishes are downtown cool meets street punk with a twist of chicness. We can’t wait to get our hands (and feet) on them!

Beauty Addictions: China Glaze Debuts “Colours from the Capitol” Polish Collection

16 Dec
The highly anticipated film “The Hunger Games” has spawned a polish collection!

Inspired by “The Hunger Games”, a new polish collection is making its debut with tons of fanfare and excitement. “Colours of the Capitol” is the nail collection inspired by the sci-fi thriller. With twelve unique shades, there is something for everyone. We love how varied the shades are from tone to finish. This collection is sure to be a big seller as fans prepare to see the film. Take a look at the swatches from the gorgeous collection:


Beauty News: Chanel Debuts Diwali Polish

13 Dec
Chanel Debuts a Stunning New Gold Nail Polish Called Diwali During Pre-Fall 2012 Runway

Chanel knows how to create a trend and one of the biggest trends in nails for 2012 is sure to be their latest creation, Diwali. It’s a gorgeoue new golden hue that made its debut during the pre-Fall 2012 show. The Indian-inspired collection naturally made the gilded nail color the ideal direction as the ornate details of the clothes and the Southeast Asian models strutting the runway with heavily kohl rimmed eyes lend perfectly to the exotic metallics of Diwali. The nail lacquer will be hitting stores in the Spring which means if you have any interest in owning a bottle, you better get prepared to camp out at your local Chanel counter or run the risk of missing out on the Diwali craze altogether.

Trend Report: Black Nails

30 Nov
Black Nails are the Perfect Way to Add Some Edge to Your Holiday Look

There was once a time in the world of fashion and beauty when wearing black nails signified one’s anti-establishment position and a sense of rebellion against all things commercial and safe. Fast forward to 2011 and wearing black nails means something all together different. Black nail polish exudes style, sophistication and a slight rock and roll edge even if you’re not a member of a band. We love the new black nail trend as it has evolved from it’s punk roots into a more chic, wearable version. The main difference between the old school black nail look and the current trend is finish. In the past, black nail polish was matte and messy and was not meant to look high class or pretty. Nowadays, the way to wear black nails is with heavy shine and luminosity. Here are a few of our fave black nail shades! 


Chanel, Nail Colour in Black Satin, $25, www.chanel.com

OPI, Nail Lacquer in Black Onyx, $8, www.opi.com

Essie, Nail Polish in Licorice, $8, www.essie.com

Beauty News: Chanel Debuts its 2011 Holiday Makeup Collection

14 Nov

Chanel 2011 Holiday Collection is Pure Magic!

Even though the holidays aren’t officially here, it sure does feel like it. We know the holidays are coming when our inboxes are filled with press releases all about holiday makeup. One such holiday collection that has us ready to whip out our favorite sequined Louboutin heels is Chanel’s Holiday 2011 Collection. Classic, traditional and 100% glamorous, it is the quintessential makeup collection for your holiday beauty look. From the dazzling red nail lacquer in Rouge Carat to the sultry red Rouge Allure Lipstick in Famous, this exquisite collection channels Old Hollywood with a bit of a modern touch. If you want to check out this must-have holiday collection for yourself, pop the hood!

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